Monday, April 11, 2005

Book Club Meets to Discuss Murmur Lee

Hello readers,

The Tecolote book club met to discuss THE PROBLEM WITH MURMUR LEE. Della, Lisa, and Leroy attended. Jenna forgot to attend after calling everyone to arrange the meeting. According to Della, the gathering was fun and everyone learned more about seizures.

Next, we will turn our attention to THE GREAT FIRE by Shirley Hazzard which we will discuss in May on this blog site. We've decided to use the COUSINS BOOK CLUB BLOG to share thoughts about other books that we're reading and offer recommendations to one another.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Rick said...

So how did everyone like Murmur Lee?

Or are you starting to get those people in the club that pretended to finish the book like I used to until I
would give it away by putting my foot in my mouth? "I thought the brother played a really important part in the story." "Rick, the brother died on page 19."


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