Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Saint Benedict's influence on the Internet

In 1995, the Monastery of Christ in the Desert produced a website,, that by 1996 had attained a market reach of 12% of online users — a reach that ranked it among the top five online destinations in the world, and thus among Yahoo, Netscape and the other most trafficed sites of the early years of the Internet.

NextSribe is an internet pioneer. Its genesis was in 1994 at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, and its mission was clarified through the composition of a strategic technology plan (in 1996-1997) for the Vatican.

NextScribe's mission is to exploit the potential of digital networks to give new life to classical spiritual practices, so that people will be sanctified in their communities and relationships.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Texas Book Clubber In town to discuss the latest book

Book Club convenes with new member and family visitors Posted by Hello

Adele was in from Texas and the book club met to discuss her book rec - The Little Rule and the Little Way. Our conversation drifted to many interesting topics related to the intriguing Saint Therese, and my mind wandered back to the diversity of monasteries that I have visited around the world. The club also welcomed its newest member, Jackie who selected the club's next read - Life and Death in Shanghai, by Nien Chang.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

These are the 100 most frequently used words in May's book - St. Benedict and St. Therese, The Little Rule and the Little Way

abbot always balthasar benedict call child childhood children christ christian church clarke come conversion desire does end even everything experience father fear find first god good grace great heart heaven hidden holy human humility ibid jesus john know lamb last life little lives lord love man may means miracles monastery monks mother must myself new nothing obedience obey order ordinary own parry people perfect person place point prayer religious rule said saint says see shall should sister son soul spirit spiritual st stability story suffering take things think thought time tr truth vow whole without wonder words work world writes